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The ANPR camera is most commonly recognised by the public as being used by police forces and local councils. Although the automatic number plate recognition camera is used to monitor driving standards, congestion zones, other motoring infringements and criminal behaviour by capturing images of both driver and vehicle registration number, it has a myriad of other uses within the security and traffic management world.

Using a system of high speed, illuminated, high definition image capture, the ANPR HD camera will recognise the vehicle registration mark and provide the data to any supporting device such as monitor, laptop, tablet or smartphone.

With the technological advances in number plate recognition cameras, and supporting hardware and software, ANPR HD camera systems are being increasingly used in other areas of security and traffic management.

ANPR Camera Usage:

  • Business and Public Car Park management.

  • Large complex traffic management.

  • Retail, Industrial and Business Park management.

  • Public and Private Weighbridges.

  • Filling Station Security management.

  • Gated Parking Security management.

  • Onsite Loading/Unloading Bay traffic management.

With an ANPR HD camera system from Halifax Security, you have it covered.

  • Configurable for viewing from 3 metres to 50 metres distance.

  • Support for all standard networking solutions.

  • Highest quality video streaming.

  • Powerful zoom cameras.

  • Seamless integration of HD and ANPR cameras.

  • Full feedback and control of cameras and settings

We all have to sleep sometime. Often, when intruders trespass onto commercial, or retail premises, a vehicle is used to transfer stolen goods. Using a system with a quality ANPR security camera, any suspicious vehicle registration numbers can be obtained, increasing the possibility of an early apprehension and return of any stolen goods or equipment.

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