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Are you looking to buy a safe for your home or business?

Within the current climate of ever increasing crime, securing your cash, documents and valuables has never been more important. We offer a comprehensive range of safes so if you require any more information on the services we provide or would like professional advice to assist you on your selection of a safe, we can help.

The most popular types of safes are generally free standing and fixed to a floor or wall, available in a wide range of sizes and achieving an insurance cash rating between £1000 and £250,000 and Jewellery ratings of up to £2,500,000. All have options of standard key lock or electronic code entry and are ideal for protecting jewellery, valuables and documents at home.

Key Safes

We can supply and fit Wall Mountable combination or code access Key Safes, they are the perfect secure place for putting your spare key. Common uses for the wall mountable key safes include providing reliable access for care staff for general visits and emergencies, great for when you're away and your pets need feeding or for when you accidentally get locked out.

Jewellery Safes

Jewellery Safes for home and domestic use will protect your jewellery from burglaries but may also be something your insurance has specified, particularly if you have very valuable pieces. Of course we all have the usual stipulations for home contents insurance like window locks. However, if someone were to break in, they may only have a limited time to grab things. Keeping your jewellery in a safe will prevent thieves from easily finding it and stealing it.

At Halifax Security we have a wide range of dedicated jewellery safes to keep your jewellery secure. Our safes come with insurance values from £10,000 and £2,500,000. There is a range of locking mechanisms to choose from for your convenience. Losing a valuable piece of jewellery even if it is insured can be a heart breaking thing to happen especially if it is a family heirloom that can’t be replaced.

Cash Safes

Do you sometimes need to keep cash at home or in the office? Worried about protecting passports or other documents from break-ins? Cash safes are a very useful extra security measure for prevention of theft. Halifax Security supply in a range of sizes with different cash ratings depending on your requirements.

All our safes are tested and certified by ECBS to EN1143-1 standards and come with Special drill protection of the lock and boltwork. Three way locking bolts come as standard and Electronic or mechanical, combination or biometric locking is available on request.

Some of our cash safes also come with fire protection ratings so that in the unfortunate event of a house fire, your cash and valuables would be protected.


At Halifax Security we pride ourselves in offering a complete safe purchase and installation service regardless of whether you need a small domestic safe to protect your valuables and important documents at home or your are a business looking for a more secure and complex security arrangement.

Having been in business for over 34 years we truly understand the requirements of our customers.

Professional Safe Installation

Once we’ve helped you to select the right safe, our dedicated team of engineers will ensure that it is correctly installed in your property.

Whilst it is obvious that with more complex commercial safes a full installation service is required to ensure maximum security, often with smaller domestic safes people don’t consider the need for professional installation.

The security provided by any safe will be compromised if it is not properly installed and fitted. When looking at where to site and install a safe you need to consider not only the best position (hidden from view but with easy access, particularly if it needs to be used regularly), but also the strength and nature of supporting walls or floors (are they strong enough to hold the weight of the safe or made of a material that will ensure a secure fitting). It is also important to ensure the quality of the fixings so that they cannot easily be tampered with in the event of a break in. Finally safes are by their very nature incredibly heavy and difficult to move without the correct equipment or health and safety awareness.

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