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Audible Only Intruder Alarm. A basic level of protection.


Audible Intruder Alarm with communication. Automatic intruder notification.


Intruder Alarm Remote Monitoring. 24hr System Remote Monitoring. 


Audible Only Intruder Alarms are also known as non-monitored or bells only Alarm Systems.


They consist of various components including Control Panel, Keypad, External Siren, Passive Infrared Detectors & Door Contacts.

Other elements can be added such as Smoke Detection , Panic Buttons & Vibration Sensors if you wish to do so.


When the system is activated, it will trigger sounders that are mounted inside and on the external walls of your building. A strobe light within the external sounder will also flash. The internal sounder and outdoor strobe light will continue to flash until the system is deactivated.



The loud noise and attention that the alarm attracts will likely scare off an intruder. There are also no on-going costs once you’ve bought the system aside from minor maintenance.



This is the bare minimum of protection. If nobody responds to the noise, any intruder can carry on intruding! There are other features which you may find appealing if you are interested in a higher level of security. For Intruder Alarm Communication and System Remote Monitoring please refer to our other system options at the top of this page.


Wireless Intruder Alarm Systems are usually a bit more expensive than a hardwired system, but if you are installing the system in an existing structure, wireless will certainly be the least “invasive” in terms of cutting into walls and installing various components.

Customers are sometimes surprised to learn that in some respects hard wired solutions can be the most cost-effective and provide the most future-proofed protection.  This is because they require less maintenance in the long-run.

In the event that you have concrete floors throughout and  your property would not allow for a neat and tidy hard-wired installation then we would recommend a wireless burglar alarm system. It is not however always the case that the system has to be either or. You can have a wired alarm system with certain elements being wireless – this is useful for those hard to get to places, or if you would like to link an external building i.e. a garage into your security system.


If you feel that this type of intruder alarm system may be  the best suited to your home or business, then the next step would be to arrange for one of our expert surveyors to visit you in order to assess the property. If this is something that you are interested in, then please submit your details via the form below and our customer service team will be in touch very shorty to confirm a date & time.

Thanks! Message sent.

If you have any questions or queries or you think that we can help in some way then please do not hesitate to give us a call on 0800 328 9146. Alternatively come and see us, our office hours are 08.00 - 17.00 and our team are always here to help.

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