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Audible Only Intruder Alarm. A basic level of protection.


Audible Intruder Alarm with communication. Automatic intruder notification.


Intruder Alarm Remote Monitoring. 24hr System Remote Monitoring. 


Intruder Alarm APP. Control could be just what you are looking for...


Controlling your home or business security through an APP on your mobile phone may seem like an alarm feature of the future, however this is very much available and can be functioning within your home in a matter of hours.

Intruder Alarms are changing, don’t get left behind! At Halifax security we aim to be at the forefront of technology, for those that want that little extra reassurance we bring you The Smart Alarm/Intruder Alarm APP. Control.

We only install the best home security solution available on the UK market. So rest assured, any system purchased from us is fully researched to bring you the most reliable and cost effective possible.


A Smart Alarm is an Intruder Alarm System that communicates with a secure APP. on your smartphone or chosen device. A smart alarm can be wired or wireless or a little bit of both.

They have the same components as a traditional Intruder Alarm System (control panel, keypad, movement detectors, door contacts, external siren etc.), but are connected to a secure cloud server via your wireless internet router.


The main difference being the control that you have over the alarm system whilst on the go.


A smart alarm will allow you to check the status of Intruder Alarm on your mobile device and allow you to set and unset the system remotely via your mobile device APP. You can also program the alarm to auto-set itself at a specific time. If a family member, friend or workman/woman has activated the alarm by accident, you can view this activation via a push notification leaving you to unset/re-set it remotely.

There are many more benefits to a having APP. Control... receive notification whenever your system is unset & who has unset it! Notification of a change in temperature or if any CO2 is detected at the property. Turn on a lamp, television or other electrical device at a programmed time at the touch of a button!


If you feel that this type of intruder alarm system may be  the best suited to your home, then the next step would be to arrange for one of our expert surveyors to visit you at home in order to assess the property. If this is something that you are interested in, then please submit your details via the form below and our customer service team will be in touch very shorty to confirm a date & time.

Thanks! Message sent.

If you have any questions or queries or you think that we can help in some way then please do not hesitate to give us a call on 0800 328 9146. Alternatively come and see us, our office hours are 08.00 - 17.00 and our team are always here to help.

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