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Audible Only Intruder Alarm. A basic level of protection.


Fire Alarm Remote Monitoring. 24hr System Remote Monitoring. 


Integrated Smoke Detection.


At Halifax Security, we pride ourselves on the quality and reliability of our commercial and domestic Fire Alarm Systems. That’s why countless customers have trusted us with their home security since 1984.

Without maintenance, even the most effective fire systems equipment will deteriorate.


To keep it working as effectively as when it was installed, it should be regularly maintained by a qualified engineer.

At Halifax Security all our installations can be backed up by a maintenance package. So not only will your fire systems be kept fault-free, but you will have the peace of mind that all current health and safety standards will be met and that you are complying with laws to regularly review your fire risk assessment.


If you have an issue with your fire system, our experienced engineers can be with you within a few hours of your call. Their high levels of technical expertise reflect the value we put on customer service and you can be confident that all our work will be completed quickly and professionally.


We can also work with you to provide a bespoke fire alarm maintenance solution if you have specific service levels which need to be met.


To arrange for one of our professional fire alarm maintenance engineers to visit your premises, contact us today.

In order to ensure that your electronic security system will deliver the maximum protection all year around, it is important to have your system checked and tested regularly with most insurance policies specifying that alarm systems are serviced at least once per year.

Halifax Security offer a complete comprehensive maintenance package for all new and existing customers. We service all makes and models of alarm systems, even systems that were installed by other companies.

Servicing is carried out in accordance with current European Standards and regulations.


For service we advise the following:


Every 6 Months (Bi-annual): For all Systems remotely monitored via Redcare or Dualcom and for all systems on Police Response.


Every 12 Months (Annual): For all Audible Only alarm systems or systems with Digital communicator or Speech/GSM Dialler communication.


Like with any car, PC, or mechanical equipment, if left unchecked and non-maintained over a period of time an alarm system may develop faults and will not be 100% reliable.


How often should I have my alarm system serviced?

In order to keep your alarm systems performance at an optimum, it is recommended that you have your alarm system serviced at least once per year.


What will a service include?

A full detailed test of the Alarm systems functionality and all its associated parts. 


A full record of all tests carried out and results from having completed the servicing.

An advisory sheet will be presented to the client if any work needs to be carried out, or parts need replacing.


Deciding not to have your alarm system serviced.

Not having your intruder alarm system serviced may seem okay, and you may find that it operates perfectly well with no false alarms occurring. However when you least expect it, or when you most need it, it may cause you a problem which you have no choice but to resolve, this could prove to be a costly and time consuming exercise.



If you have received an Annual Maintenance Service Reminder, then please feel free to submit an appointment request via the below form. Please state your Customer Reference Number (If you have it!). Alternatively please call us on 0800 328 9146 and we can make your booking over the phone.


If you are new to us, please provide as many details as possible about your system.

Thanks! Message sent.

If you have any questions or queries or you think that we can help in some way then please do not hesitate to give us a call on 0800 328 9146. Alternatively come and see us, our office hours are 08.00 - 17.00 and our team are always here to help.

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